Spaying and Neutering

At Elk Creek Animal Hospital, we encourage our clients to have their pets spayed and neutered in an effort to help control the companion animal population as well as provide your pet with long-term health benefits. We recommend spaying and neutering your pet at 6 months of age. For larger dogs, we often recommend allowing them a little more time to develop before the procedure. Whenever you’re ready to schedule an appointment, we would be happy to advise you on a more specific time frame that works conveniently with your schedule.

As we mentioned previously, spaying and neutering a pet has life-long behavioral and health benefits:

* Neutering your male pet at 6 months of age or older completely removes the risk of testicular cancer and reduces the likelihood of perianal tumors.

* Spaying your female pet prior to sexual maturity prevents uterine infections.

* Mature, un-neutered male dogs have a strong biological drive to find a mate and as such are much more likely to engage in undesirable behavior like getting into fights with other dogs, indiscriminate humping, and becoming surprisingly adept escape artists in pursuit of this desire. Neutering diminishes such aggressive behavior and helps direct their attention to their humans.

* Female pets in heat can be difficult due to increased vocalization and frequent, indiscriminate urination. Their heat cycles last 4-5 days at 3 week intervals during the breeding season, so life with an un-spayed animal can be trying. 

Instructions for the procedure here at Elk Creek Animal Hospital:

Drop off time for your pet is between 7:30-8:30 in the morning and will spend one night with us. They can go home at 10:00 AM or later the next day.

Make sure that there is no food or treats after 10:00 PM the night before surgery.

No water or any other liquids after 6:00 AM the day of surgery.

All pets must be up to date on their vaccinations. 

We will have a surgery consent form in the morning to fill out at drop off that will have some additional options that owner's can choose from. Please read through Surgical Information Packet.


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